Things To Know Before Investing In A Kitchen Extension

home renovationExtending kitchens is probably one of the most common home renovations a homeowner can choose to invest in. It allows you to make use of the space you already have without needing to sell your property due to space constraints. Of course, kitchen extensions are still a time consuming endeavour and are a financial investment, therefore, you need to do your homework to know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are a few facts to ponder:

1. Can you use your wall?

Kitchen extensions don’t necessarily need to be complicated and don’t always require you to build onto the exterior of your home. Is there a wall you can knock down in your living room to combine with your kitchen? If you have a terrace area, you can wall in your terrace space and combine it with your kitchen. These options can save time and money.

2. Do you have enough backyard space for an extension?

If knocking down or adding a wall is not the best option for your kitchen, consider how much space your backyard has. You can extend your kitchen outwards and use a glass door to bring the outdoors in. Your extension can become a fantastic breakfast nook or a great place to entertain friends and family.

3. Are you able to plan practically?

It’s important to be practical when it comes to extending your kitchen. Take the time to plan every aspect of your renovation, including where you want your light switches, kitchen appliances or other fixtures. It’s easier to plan for things at the beginning stages of the renovation than to change things later on.

4. Can your budget accommodate changes?

Never start on a kitchen extension project unless your budget has enough wiggle room for potential mistakes or unforeseen costs. When a builder is knocking down a wall or has to reroute plumbing, things can get messy, not to mention, all homes are unpredictable.

5. Does the extension meet your long-term needs?

Whatever you pay for now in terms of an extension should be a change in your household that you find welcome even years from now. If you have growing children, you may wish to take into consideration how much space they will need to study once they’re older. An open concept kitchen is a great example of something that will have timeless appeal for your family. Even if you’re not big on cooking right now, you should consider that you may take up cooking later on in life.

Extending your kitchen can not only benefit you and your family, but it can add value to your property. Many homeowners are recognizing the benefits of extending their properties as opposed to selling them in order to increase space. Though it may be tempting to plan the extension on your own, whenever you’re building something such as an addition, it really pays to hire an architect. Not to mention, most professional builders have architects on hand who can help!