A Home Extension London Can Lead to Comfortable Living

Home extension londonPlanning extensions to your home in London may be a better solution than selling your old home, looking for a new one, and going through all the hassles of moving. It is best to start on a home extension London by making sure that you can get the required permission to do so, from your local council or other concerned authorities.

It is wise to contact an architect who is familiar with the local environment, as this professional will be well versed with the bureaucracy involved. The extension that you want for your home can depend on your needs and the particular configuration of your existing home. Adding to the side or rear of a property is often the easiest and best way of extending a home. This new structure will have to follow certain norms for space around the structure, distance from adjoining properties, light, ventilation and quite often the architectural effect of the extension.

Home Extensions

Start planning for a home extension London by reviewing your existing space and your utilization of it. Often, you will find that you can create extra space for yourself and your family, with just rearranging existing furniture and fixtures, and getting rid of the unwanted stuff that has tended to pile up in the home. The requirement for additional space can be due to additions in the family, growing children or parents who need to be looked after. Additional rooms can require the provision of additional bathrooms and other spaces. A bathroom greatly adds to the convenience of a home, even if it is costly to implement. If you are just looking to increase the recreational area in a home, a conservatory can be a solution that is economical and easy to put in.

Extension can also be made to a home by growing it vertically. This method of expansion will, however, require attention to the structural strength of the existing home. It is often suggested by builders that you go in for foundations that can carry additional load, even when you are first building a home. The cost for this is not high and it can prove a boon in the future when you do feel the need for extensions. When you go for a vertical expansion, you have to be careful not to upset building lines, provide proper setbacks and follow other rules like blocking light and ventilation for adjoining properties.

Loft and Basement Extensions

Loft extensions or making your basement more usable can also be a solution that can be quite economical. Permissions may be required here, even though you are not adding rooms, but you are converting the use of existing space. It is also sensible to consult your neighbors during any planned extension, as the new structure may change things for them in a way.

Make sure that any home extension that you plan for your London home is done after getting in the right architect and builders who are experienced in dealing with such extensions. There may be some inconvenience if the extension has to be done while you are still occupying the home.